The Best Graphic Design Resources of 2015

Not that I'm the authority on what is the best and what isn't (I wish I was), I spend a lot of time looking for and using different resources to make my design process more efficient. So I thought I'd make a list of resources I found most useful in 2015. Not all of them are "new" but I do use all of them and some are hidden gems I'd like to share.


WHAT IT IS: A free resource for all the high quality royalty-free photos you'll need.

WHY YOU NEED IT: You need this website because no one likes hunting for stock photos. Maybe you need an image as a background for a project or maybe you need filler images for a website mockup. Whatever your reason, you will find some really great stock photos here from a variety of sources. You're welcome.


WHAT IT IS: It's just what it sounds like, a creative market where you can buy (and get free) design assets like fonts, themes, and other graphics.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Sometimes it doesn't make sense to start completely from scratch, and for those times I turn to different resources. This is one of my favorite premium resources for templates, fonts and other graphics. Sign up now!

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WHAT IT IS: It's all in the name: design inspiration.

WHY YOU NEED IT: You need Designspiration because we all need a little inspiration. I love seeing other designers' work in action, and this is a great place to see some of the best in a very simple and clean setting.


WHAT IT IS: A blog full of tips and inspiration for designers.

WHY YOU NEED IT: You need this because you want to stay on top of trends and get great tips to improve you work. This is one of my favorite blogs to check out regularly. 


WHAT IT IS: Essentially a newsfeed for designers pulling from different websites like Dribbble, Behance and Wired.

WHY YOU NEED IT: This is a site I like to visit in the morning before I start any work or when I need to take a break from what I've been staring at all day. It's a great resource for cool designs, news and other content.


WHAT IT IS: Graphic burger is another great design resource, especially for mockup templates. Both free and paid content.

WHY YOU NEED IT: When you want to mock up a finished product for a client, or for your own portfolio, Graphic Burger has a lot of great templates for you to use.


WHAT IT IS: An excellent resource for design inspiration and tutorials.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Because we can all get better, and I love visiting Abuzeedo when I have some down time. I am the type of person who loves to constantly learn. Even when it's my day off, I'm always trying to teach myself some new tricks and become a better designer. Abuzeedo has some great tutorials and inspiration.

So there you have it, a short list of some of the best graphic design resources of 2015. Hope you enjoyed!

What am I missing? Comment below with some of your favorite resources!

David Zoppi